Why am I here??

Well you’re probably here cause you followed a link! So welcome!

Sadly Girl2 is pretty much shut down at the moment. I can not comment as to when or if it will come back to life and in what form. BUT I can tell you that we (me and Tatsumi) have not deserted the net and if you want to know more about us or miss us and just can’t find us…I can point you in the right direction! Follow the links below to find us!

Kimi – http://www.kimiko-dreams.com
Tats – http://www.tatsumi-girl.com

Tale Chasing (Kimi’s writing podcast) – http://www.talechasing.com
Sex and Power Play (Kimi’s Sex podcast) http://sexandpowerplay.blogspot.com
Gifted Reader (Kimi’s Tarot site and podcast) http://www.gifted-reader.com
Kimi’s Niteflirt Phone sex Lines – http://www.niteflirt.com/PrincessKimi
Kimi’s Keen Tarot lines – http://www.keen.com/Empathy Chylde

Soulhuntre (Our Daddy) – http://www.soulhuntre.com
EightyOut (Daddy’s Project) – http://www.eightyout.com
Pop Angel (really pretty girls) – http://www.popangel.com

We are associated with a ton of sites, obviously flickr, myspace, etc….but we have links to all those on our sites and well we can’t do ALL the work for ya! HEHEHE so go find us already! We can’t wait to talk to you.

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Outta here for DragonCon!!

Whew…5 hours and change later…I believe we have 95% of everything packed. And that was just what “I” did for all that time. LOL

Don’t ask…you don’t want the list. I couldn’t ‘give’ you the list. Sadly…in my 10 years of service…this is the first time I believe I have ever packed this thuroughly. I feel like I just spent 5 hours packing for SirC. :grins: She’ll be so pleased to hear that. LOL

Anyway…I have a few more things left to do, one of which is put up a quick post on Kimiko-Dreams.com (most likely a duplicate of this). We set it up so I can record call in messages to be posted to Girl2 so you’ll have to check both here and girl2 while I’m gone. Pictures and maybe posts there…phone messages here. It’s a pain…deal. :P

For those interested…I didn’t meet my goal of 145 by DragonCon but I got to 150 and I think I did damn well. This is also the first time I’ve taken an entire bag of my own full of cloths I can totally wear and look good in. That was a fun couple of hours pretending I was in Mandy’s trying cloths on. LOL

As a quick side note, among running around and packing I helped Flagg do his first phone seminar this evening. I helped him set it up and get the NiteFlirt girls I know together for a MindFucks seminar he’s done in person. It went really well and I’ve gotten thank you notes as well as people who couldn’t come asking me when we are selling the tapes/texts. I think this could turn quite profitable for Flagg. I know he’s doing r/t seminars. Now he’s got phone/text seminars to add to his bag and I’m pretty sure he can now set up a NF line to charge money to NF girls for personal help. I’m really happy I could help make that happen.

Ok… off to do my stuff. Btw..you all can bow down and thank me later for the following:


 See you all after DragonCon (and those of you who come to the LiveJournal and Webcam panels I’m on at DC)


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DragonCon soon~

Hey gang!

We are all getting ready for Dragon Con over here. I found out Tat’s panel is on Friday night and I have one on Saturday and Sunday nights. There looks like a lot of really cool things to do so I’m really looking for to it.

I’ve worked out the numbers and so if Daddy can swing our money for hotel and food and I get another 500 for bills we’ll be all set. :) Here’s to more tarot!

Btw…we are all going on a strict fitness jag for the next three weeks to get ready. I’m hoping for another 10lb loss. My new numbers are over on my site.

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Happy Anniversary! :)

Happy Anniversary to Daddy and Tat! I hope that you both have many many more. :hugs:

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Webcam back up :)

Hi gang!

Yesterday I got my webcam back up and working. Deth helped me make a remote so you even get to have a popup window so you don’t have to keep my entire page open. :) You can get the cam over on Kimiko Dreams

I’ve missed you probably as much as you’ve missed me.

Don’t forget to let me know if you think the cam isn’t updating or there is a problem. Remember…sometimes I don’t know it.


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Where've they been

Hey gang! I know you’ve all been wondering where we’ve been. Where we always are. Busy doing work and stuff.  Wanted to drop a note for those that might be checking in and those people who surf here and go WTF?

We’re still deciding what to do with this space and Daddy and I have been working alot on our own sites. Kimiko Dreams has become my home again and I’m feeling more comfortable there. Remembering the old days.

Thought I’d let you all know that it looks like we’ll be going to the TES workshop this weekend on Interogation and may go out after that to the party. We want to see Star Wars but are unsure when that will actually take place.

That’s my best update…I’ll check in later when I got more to share.

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Don't give up hope!

Hey gang,

Just a quick note to let you know not to give up hope. I’m working on Kimiko Dreams alot and then I’ll be back to help get Girl2 set back up. :) For now…keep reading me over at Kimiko Dreams.

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